Lunches for Aussie Kids

wonder and eat up partnership

What's this all about?

Wonder has been a proud partner of Eat Up Australia since 2018. It’s Eat Up’s mission to fuel kids' minds and bodies with goodness so they can grow, learn and succeed.

Since our partnership began Wonder has donated over 2 million sandwiches to Eat Up. These sandwiches are delivered to school kids all over Australia that would otherwise go without. 

Eat Up currently supplies 20,000 free lunches to children in more than 750 schools across Australia each week, ensuring students get the nutrients they need to concentrate and learn. 1 in 5 Australian students at the schools Eat Up support need an Eat Up lunch.*

Schools using Eat Up’s services have recorded a:

  • 95% increase in concentration levels, 
  • 71% increase in classroom participation, and 
  • 68% increase in academic performance*

Wonder is so delighted to provide the bread for these lunches to ensure they are both delicious and nutritious.

As they say at Eat Up; it doesn't take much to make a sandwich, but sandwiches are all it takes to stop Aussie kids going hungry at school. 


Check out our Wonder team volunteering and making sandwiches with our Wonder Bread!


*Eat Up Evaluation Report, ‘Learn, Grow, Succeed’ 2022