Wonder Wrap High Fibre White 312 g

Wonder Wrap High Fibre White 312 g

Full of goodness with no added sugar, Wonder White High Fibre Wraps make a great lunch or dinner option. Fill them with your favourite fillings from ham & cheese to chicken and mayo or mexican beef.
high fibre
no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
no added sugar
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When looking for good quality wraps, you can't go past Wonder White High Fibre Wraps. They are high in fibre and made with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. These wraps are also soft, making them easy to fold or roll for the perfect lunchbox meal or to take on the go for picnics and hikes. Soft & easy to wrap. No added sugar. High in fibre. Lower in sodium. No artificial preservatives, colours or flavours.
health star rating
Health Star Rating: 4

Ingredients: Wheat flour, water, fibre (6%) (wheat fibre modifed tapioca starch (1413)), vegetable fat, humectant (422), fermented wheat flour, raising agents (500, 450, 341), wheat gluten, vegetable emulsifiers (471, 481), stabiliser (412), acidity regulator (297), iodised salt, vitamins (thiamin, folic acid).

Contains Gluten, and Wheat and its derivatives.
May contain Soybean and its derivatives

Storage Instruction: Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight. Once opened reseal pack and consume within 3 days.

Made in Australia from at least 80% Australian ingredients.

Product Claims: No Artificial Flavours

Serving Size: 52g

Average Quantity per Serving
% Daily Intake (per serving)*
Average Quantity per 100g

Energy (kJ)

Average Quantity per Serving:570kJ
% Daily Intake (per serving)*:7%
Average Quantity per 100g:1100kJ


Average Quantity per Serving:3.7g
% Daily Intake (per serving)*:7%
Average Quantity per 100g:7.2g

Fat, total

Average Quantity per Serving:2.9g
% Daily Intake (per serving)*:4%
Average Quantity per 100g:5.5g

- saturated

Average Quantity per Serving:1.6g
% Daily Intake (per serving)*:7%
Average Quantity per 100g:3g


Average Quantity per Serving:21.4g
% Daily Intake (per serving)*:7%
Average Quantity per 100g:41.2g

- sugars

Average Quantity per Serving:1.5g
% Daily Intake (per serving)*:2%
Average Quantity per 100g:2.8g


Average Quantity per Serving:185mg
% Daily Intake (per serving)*:8%
Average Quantity per 100g:350mg


Average Quantity per Serving:4.5g
% Daily Intake (per serving)*:15%
Average Quantity per 100g:8.7g


Average Quantity per Serving:100mg
% Daily Intake (per serving)*:%
Average Quantity per 100g:190mg